Our School Show Brochures

We have a variety of themes for our school shows. To get more information, please click on the below images to download the relevant brochure.

Puppet World Health and Safety KwaZulu-Natal

Health and Safety

Puppet World Safari Fun KwaZulu-Natal

Safari Fun

Puppet World The Wonders of Water KwaZulu-Natal

The Wonders of Water

Puppet World Occupations KwaZulu-Natal


Puppet World Over the Christmas Rainbow KwaZulu-Natal

Over the Christmas Rainbow

Puppet World Christmas Traditions and Festivities KwaZulu-Natal

Christmas Traditions & Festivities

Puppet World Saving Our Planet Gauteng

Saving Our Planet

Puppet World It’s Spring Gauteng

It’s Spring

Puppet World Starlight Christmas Gauteng

Starlight Christmas

Puppet World Space Cape Town


Puppet World Let’s Make Bullying Extinct Cape Town

Let’s Make Bullying Extinct

Puppet World My Body Belongs to Me Cape Town

My Body Belongs to Me

Puppet World Christmas Adventures with Monty and Matilda Cape Town

Christmas Adventures
with Monty and Matilda